Top 5 drinking items / gifts for your not so average alcoholic

This is your list for the top 5 drinking items / gifts that every man that counts himself as a “regular” drinker should have in 2018. We know, we know, we don’t like to call ourselves alcoholics and you do not want to hear it from friends as well, but we all know that at the end of the day we all just end up with our favourite alcoholic drink. Whether that is gin vodka whiskey or a beer. Let’s kick off with number one on the list.

No. 1: An ice mold that is not your average boring cube (€14.98)

For if you want to impress the ladies or friends when they come over. Nothing is worst then giving a not so cold drink to someone. Especially when you know that they do not drink that much themselves, they prefer it cold and they prefer it to look good. With this Skull ice maker mold you will definitely satisfy there drinking needs.

Ice cube skull ice maker mold

No. 2: A vintage decanter (€24,80)

Yea it does not have to be vintage. It just has to look as a vintage decanter. We prefer new glass as well and those vintage ones cost way too much to buy. So if you don’t find any dusting away at your (grand)-parents place, then go for the cheaper and better option and buy one for only 24,80

vintage decanter


No. 3: A good flask, whether that is a rose gold flask or one with multiple functions (€21,85-€28,40)

Ok, you have some steel flask laying around somewhere, but you really think that is enough? No! of course not, you want to be different, you want to have more functionalities as your friends their flasks. Check out these flasks, one is a Rose Gold Flask and the other one is a flask with a folding cup.

Flask with folding cup

Rose Gold Flask









No. 4: Whiskey Granite Stones (€14,90)

What if you don’t want that watering down effect you have with regular ice cubes in your favourite alcoholic drink? Well then you have to buy these Whiskey Granite Stones. They are amazing Whiskey Stones for that.

Granite whiskey stones


No. 5 Skull head shot glass (€5,99)

What if you are just going all in tonight and you do not want to pour your favourite whiskey in your nice looking glass specially made for it? What if you just want to get some cheap alcohol and do some shots with your friends? These Skull head shot glasses are great for that! They look badass don’t they?

Skull head shot glass

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